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Publishing Consultations

While we don't currently publish books, we know the industry – both traditional and self-publishing – inside out. It can be tough to decide which method is right for you. Perhaps you're not 100% sure about the pros and cons of both.

We'll guide you through an unbiased viewpoint of both options and support you on whichever path you choose. You'll also receive a personalised list of agents to query and feedback on your query letter.

Publishing walkthrough

You'll be able to talk to us on a Zoom call, giving you the opportunity to ask our advice and any questions you have about the publishing industry. We'll talk you through everything, from the pros and cons to each publishing option, to publishing 'lingo', and more. We'll learn more about your story and ambitions to make sure we can provide a custom list of agents for you to query. We'll also talk through your query package and provide a free edit of your first page to make sure it really stands out.
What you'll receive:
* A 45 minute Zoom call
* A walkthrough of what each publishing option entails, including an unbiased look at pros and cons

* An assessment of your query letter
* A detailed edit of the first page of your manuscript 

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