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Author website

Author Website Creation

We use WIX to create an author website just for you. By utilising templates, we help keep the cost down while still building an attractive site to let your readers learn all about you and your books! Add a store, interactive apps, and more!

$299 USD


We'll create the perfect brand for you with a custom author logo and colour scheme that we'll apply across your website. We can also create a multitude of extras including banners, branded documents, business cards, and more!

From $449 USD

Monthly Reviews

Once a month, we'll schedule a zoom call to discuss any changes needed to ensure your website is always in optimum shape! If you want to learn how to go it alone, we can also talk you through everything and give you the reins!

$75 per review


Q: What other fees do I have to pay?

A: That will entirely depend on how interactive you want your website to be. Our price to create the website, branding, etc is all that you pay to us. The other fees required will be paid directly to Wix for hosting your website. This will be billed monthly and annually to you by Wix. We will have no hand in this. In our initial consultation, we'll discuss Wix fees with you. You'll need to pay for domain hosting, a connected email address, and upgrades. 

Q: Why do you use templates?

A: Becoming a successful author is a pricey affair, and we understand the financial strain, so we want to offer affordable services. Because of this, we use WIX to create easy websites that are simple to maintain. A trained website designer will create a website from scratch with coding and custom layouts, and if that's the level of work you're looking for, we absolutely encourage you to book with someone who specialises in this area. What we're offering is an affordable option that provides a nice, simple website that presents your brand clearly and attractively.

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