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Benefits of having paid betas:
. No risk of ghosting. Paid = dedicated
. Timely feedback with guaranteed turnaround times
. Safety - Our contract covers confidentiality and data protection. Your manuscript is safe in our hands.
. Quality feedback - You'll receive a report and/or in line comments 

* Please note that we have a minimum $50 USD order value which supersedes the per word rates listed below


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-Hayley- USD $0.002 per word

Suffering from major hearing loss at a young age led to my pursuit and love of reading and writing, and recently I have developed a passion for helping other writers polish their work and achieve their dream of publication. I love being a sensitivity reader for characters who are deaf/hard of hearing or are a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

In my feedback, I strive to deliver an even mix of constructive criticism and praise. As a
writer, I know how scary it can be to hand over a fragment of your soul to a stranger and the fear
of having it shredded to pieces, and so I approach each project with considerable care in order to
make your manuscript shine.
My favorite genres include Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Dystopian, and anything
Young Adult.

-Sara-Jane- USD $0.0015 per word

My name is SJ. I live in South Africa with my family, which includes my five dogs.


My favorite genre is romance.

I love all kinds, from contemporary to dark.

I also enjoy reading romantic suspense.

-Giovanni- USD $0.002 per word

I have a postgraduate degree in English and an editing certificate as well.
I strive to give my clients feedback in a constructive way, highlighting both positive areas and areas of
concern so that you know which path forward is best.
I know it can be difficult handing your baby over to a stranger, but I promise you’ll leave it in good
hands. I have a love of reading and writing, being a self-published author myself. Having written as much 
as I have and read as much as well, I know the ins and outs of writing—from the biggest info dump to the small tense change, I can pick it up and set you on the correct path, to polish your piece to a shine.
My first love has always been fantasy novels, and then also Victorian and Edwardian classics.
I hope to work with you, 
and happy writing!

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