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Content Warnings

We at Stardust fully support creative expression, but some genres can be incredibly niche, therefore we don't always have editors available for some of the more taboo content warnings.
We've put together a list of content that we do and don't work with. We are very open and willing to hear about your ideas and see if we have the right editor for you if your content is not listed below. 

. Body horror/torture
. Cannibalism
. Non-consensual sexual activity
. Graphic consensual sex
. Supernatural bestiality (i.e. sexual activity with werewolves, demons, monsters etc)
. Power dynamics
. Bully romance
. Religious trauma relating to sex
. Incest (between adults 18+)
. Graphic kinks (cutting, fluid play, etc)

. Graphic death

. Suicide

. Necrophilia

. Some splatterpunk - we'd like to see a full content list before we commit

While we are very open to nearly all niches, there are a few that we do not consider in any circumstance, and we will not be the right team for you.

. Incest with under 18s

. Sexual assault between blood relatives of any age that is intended to be titillating 

. Bestiality with real animals

. Paedophilia that is intended to be titillating 

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