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Partnership Programme

Do you work in the book industry and need a trusted partner to fill the gap with services you don't currently offer? Why not become a Stardust affiliate and earn for every booked referral you make? 

It's easy!
Say you're a freelance editor and your clients ask for recommendations for fabulous cover designers but you just don't know who to trust! Refer them to Stardust! 
You'll be given a unique referral code that your clients can quote on booking so that not only you earn a commission but they'll also get a 5% discount with us. 

Some FAQ:

1) When/how often will I be paid?
- Once a month on the 5th of each month where the 5th falls on a week day, otherwise payments will revert to the next week day (6th or 7th)

2) How should I advertise your services?
- In any way you like! We don't expect big, grand gestures of advertising. However you want to share that you're an affiliate is fine with us. Whether it's an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a link on your website, you decide how you'd like to bring in clients.

3) How much is the commission pa
- We offer a tiered commission structure that works as follows: (The first number is the value of the booked work)

< $299 USD - 1%
< $1,000 USD - 2%
< $2,000 USD - 3%
< $4,000 USD - 4%
< $10,000 USD - 5%


500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158




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