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Partnership Programme

Do you work in the book industry and need a trusted partner to fill the gap with services you don't currently offer? Why not become a Stardust affiliate and earn for every booked referral you make? 

It's easy!
Say you're a freelance editor and your clients ask for recommendations for fabulous cover designers but you just don't know who to trust! Refer them to Stardust! 
You'll be given a unique referral code that your clients can quote on booking so that not only you earn a commission but they'll also get a 5% discount with us. 

Some FAQ:

1) When/how often will I be paid?
- Once a month on the 5th of each month where the 5th falls on a week day, otherwise payments will revert to the next week day (6th or 7th). If we are closed for vacation on any of those days, payment will be made on the next closest date.

2) How should I advertise your services?
- In any way you like! We don't expect big, grand gestures of advertising. Whichever way you want to share that you're an affiliate is fine with us. Whether it's an Instagram story, a Facebook post, or a link on your website, you decide how you'd like to bring in clients.

3) How do I know if a client books in?
- We'll notify you as soon as a client is confirmed as booked. To do this, the client must have signed a contract and paid any relevant booking invoices. They must also ensure they include your referral code in their booking forms otherwise it won't count (as we won't know!).

4) How much is the commission pa
- We offer a tiered commission structure that works as follows: (The first number is the value of the booked work)

< $/£299 - 1%
< $/£1,000 - 2%
< $/£2,000 - 3%
< $/£4,000 - 4%
< $/£10,000 - 5%
Most of our services are billed in USD, but some are also billed in GBP, so your commission will be paid in whichever currency the client is invoiced in. If it is not your home currency, your payment provider will convert the currency for you.

The Stars
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The Stars
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