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Hello, I'm Allison



I am Allison, an artist based in the United States, specializing in scene art and character illustrations. My primary tools of choice are Procreate, with occasional use of ClipStudio, complemented by a background in Illustrator and vector art.

My artistic journey began in my youth, and as the years unfolded, my passion has gravitated towards the realms of romance and fantasy. I find immense inspiration in all forms of love stories, whether they unfold on the silver screen, within the pages of a book, or in the immersive world of games. My strength lies in drawing from emotions, as it pushes me to immerse myself in the characters and their profound experiences. I look forward to working with you!

Allison's portfolio

Character Art

*While all of these illustrations were created by this artist, some were not in collaboration with Stardust Book Services. We retain the right to advertise this art in the artist's portfolio with their permission.

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