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Hello, I'm Molly


Editor - Fiction

Romance (Speciality)

Fantasy (Speciality)

Historical fiction

Science fiction


My name is Molly Rookwood and I am an editor and bibliophile based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I first picked up Pride and Prejudice at age twelve and have been hooked on Jane Austen ever since.

In addition to my lifelong passions for romance, historical fiction, and feminist critiques of society disguised in wit and petticoats, I love reading and working with science fiction and fantasy.

I studied publishing at Ryerson University, and am currently co-chair of Editors Atlantic, my region of Editors Canada.

You can usually find me reading, snuggling my kitten, or playing a fireball-wielding sorcerer in my D&D campaign.

Content Warnings:

I prefer to be warned about sexual assault, physical torture, and psychological torment.

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