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Editor - Fiction

Sci-fi (Speciality)

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Middle grade



Greetings! I’m Mary DeSantis (she/her), Fiction Editor/Story Whisperer. I grew up in New England, spent too many hot summers in North Carolina, and am now resting comfortably in Michigan, where I can’t figure out if I’m a Michigander or Michiganian.

Big-picture editing is my first love, and my approach boils down to “you, me, and your manuscript—we’re a team.” If you’re having communication problems with your book (or just sick of listening to it whine), I’m here and ready to listen so we can polish your story to a fine shine.

I specialize in science fiction/fantasy (especially doorstopper epics, fairy tales, superheroes, and dystopias), anything middle grade, and quirky mysteries/romances for both adult and YA. If you’ve got pop culture references, uniquely amazing magic/technology, or an eccentric but lovable cast of secondary characters (or primary characters—multiple POVs are my thing), I’m your girl. I love whimsical and fun as much as I love lyrical and dark, and all the stuff in-between.

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