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Hello, I'm Manda


Editor - Fiction

Crime/Thriller (Speciality)
Romance (Speciality)
Women's Fiction

My name is Manda (she/her) – a friendly, supportive, cheerful, best-selling copyeditor and proofreader with over 20 years' experience.

All copyeditors will (I hope!) polish your manuscript until it’s clean and shiny. My aim is to also support you in your writing journey, empowering you to grow your craft and write more, even better, books. My feedback is encouraging and constructive at all times – and always offers potential solutions.

I specialise in editing crime/thriller novels and women’s fiction novels (these two categories are not mutually exclusive!) and my favourite contemporary writers right now are Harlan Coben and Peter James. I edit in US and British English.

I reply to all my messages quickly and honestly. I really do read – and consider – every single word. And I promise that, at the end of the editing process, not only will your manuscript be the very best it can be, but you will also feel good about your ability to write.

I live in a tiny hamlet in the heart of Winnie-the-Pooh land (deepest, darkest Sussex, England). When I’m not editing, you will find me taxiing my three teenage daughters around, growing vegetables (badly) or looking after my two black Labradors, five chickens and two guinea pigs.

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