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Hello, I'm jonas


Fantasy Illustrator

 I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. I was always interested in 2D digital art, so after graduation I mostly worked as a 2D digital artist and Illustrator.


I’m interested and passionate in designing game art, fan art, science fiction, fantasy, character design, concept art. 

Basic character illustration with flat colours & visible line art

from £80 GBP

Approximately $100 USD

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Fully rendered character with no or primitive background

£250 GBP

Approximately $310 USD

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Fully rendered character with detailed background.

£375 GBP

Approximately $460 USD

Character Illustration

Jonas' portfolio

Please note that while all of these designs were created by this artist, some were not in collaboration with Stardust Book Services. We retain the permission of the artist to use their examples in their portfolio.