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Hello, I'm jen


Editor - Fiction & Non-Fiction

Health and wellness (Speciality)

Music (Speciality)
General non-fiction
Children’s fiction


I’m Jen Tolnay (she/her), and I’m a proofreader, copy editor, and line editor. I have been proofreading and editing in my corporate job for over twenty years and received my training through Edit Republic.

I’m a native American English speaker but was educated to work with British and Canadian English also, so I understand the color/colour thing and I know what a boot is!

I’ve worked in everything from music to health coaching to social media marketing, but what I always come back to is my love of words and my passion for helping writers.

I love the detail-focused work of proofreading and copy/line editing, and enjoy fine-tuning words while remaining true to the author’s voice.

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