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Hello, I'm fred



My name is Fred Kroner, and I am a Wisconsin-based, freelance cartographer located in the United States. I have been playing D&D since the late 70’s as a little kid, which is where my love for fantasy books and maps really began.
Family is very important to me, and even though my kids have all grown up and moved out, we still get together to go fishing, play poker, and of course, play D&D together as often as possible.

As a person who has created more fantasy worlds than I can count, I know how much time, heart, and soul goes into creating a new setting. As a cartographer, I feel it is my job to treat a writer’s world with the respect it deserves. I don’t just draw a map for a book. I try to learn as much as I can about the author’s world and try to incorporate as much of that flavor as I can into what I draw. If a person can look at my map and feel like they know something about the people that live there, then I know I’ve done my job.

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