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Hello, I'm catherine


Editor - Fiction & Non-Fiction

Fantasy (speciality)
Horror (speciality)
Science fiction
Non-fiction – arts, humanities, social sciences

I’m Catherine Dunn (she/her), a developmental editor, line editor, copyeditor, and proofreader from the UK Midlands. I enjoy a wide range of genres, but I particularly love working with new or unsure authors. I aim to build your confidence, help you find your voice, and make your work shine.

You could say that my ‘speciality’ is things that are weird, surreal, dark, or otherwise outside the norm. I have a strong stomach and a non-judgemental approach. If you need someone to get to grips with your unconventional structure or multiple points of view, I’ll take the bit between my teeth!

I graduated in Fine Art (Painting), and I still love painting and drawing. I also spend my spare time knitting, crocheting, spinning, and geocaching.

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Some of my published clients

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