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Hello, I'm cate


Editor - Fiction

Thrillers/Mystery/Suspense (Speciality)

Urban Fantasy (Speciality)

Epistolary Fiction
Women’s Fiction

My name is Catherine Thorsen (she/her). I’m a developmental editor and writing coach.

My focus is on helping you improve your manuscript through encouraging and constructive feedback, focused on your strengths and your ambitions.

I specialize in novice and debut authors writing thrillers and suspense, women’s fiction, stalkers, unreliable narrators, paranormal romance, and any kind of magic and witchcraft. Bonus points for strong women protagonists!

I’m passionate about seeing a much higher level of women and underrepresented voices in traditional publishing.

In my spare time I like to read, binge TV, solve puzzles, and kill plants in increasingly creative ways because the internet told me it would make them happy.

I live in a small town in Western Australia with my partner and our two cats. 

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