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Hello, I'm Robin


Editor - Fiction

Science Fiction and Fantasy-SFF (Speciality)

Picture Books, including rhyme (Speciality)

Middle Grade

Young Adult 

Literary Fiction


I'm S. Robin Larin, a freelance editor and writer with graduate degrees in literature and creative writing and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University.


Many years of working with words have honed my instincts for writing that reaches the heart and mind of the reader—writing that is clear, powerful, and beautiful.


I specialize in developmental editing and copyediting of fiction and love working with rhyming picture books.


I am the featured volunteer coordinator and profile writer for Editors Canada. I live in Ontario with several feline editorial assistants and more books than I can count.

Content Warning
I prefer to be alerted head of time to such disturbing content as extreme/gory violence, graphic sex and sexual abuse, and violence/abuse regarding animals.

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