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Hello, I'm Isabelle


Editor - Fiction & Non-Fiction

Fantasy (Speciality)

Sci-Fi (Speciality)

Romance (all heat levels)


Non-Fiction (Memoir, self help)

Congratulations on reaching this step! My name is Isabelle, and I am a developmental editor, copyeditor, proofreader, author coach, and beta reader.

My focus is on experiencing your work and understanding your vision to help solidify its impact and strengthen who you are as an author, screenwriter, educator, or other creative type. I won’t lie. Not everyone’s feedback will be easy to receive, but collaborating with me—whether you’re seeking an editing, reading, or coaching service—will be energizing, thorough, encouraging, and mindful. You’re not alone, or you don’t have to be alone, in this journey.

My background is in Psychology, and I have over ten years’ experience in editorial work for fiction and nonfiction, including projects with the Big Five, indie authors, universities, Cengage, Microsoft, screenwriters, YouTubers, scenario and strategic planning firms, and writers who have never worked with an editor or reader before. So, whichever stage you’re at, and whichever service you need, I’d be thrilled to meet you there and move forward in enhancing your work. All while respecting your style and voice.

When I’m not working on a project, I’m usually enjoying tea, making more memories with my family and friends, hiking, ziplining, watching something (movies, shorts, anime, dramas), and learning.

I’m available for MG – Adult, and while I am open to all genres, my top ten are as follows (in no particular order):
— Fantasy (all types)
— Sci-Fi (all types)
— Romance (all types, all heat levels)
— Historical (all types)
— Horror (most types)
— Dystopian / Utopian
— Thriller / Suspense / Mystery
— Travel-based / Slice of Life
— Nonfiction (memoir, self-help, travel)
— Educational (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences)

Content Warnings:

Feel more than welcome to share anything you'd like for me to know about your work or you. Also, if you need extra gentle feedback, let me know that, too. There would be no shame in that at all.

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