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Cover Design


You'll find below examples from each cover package to help show the calibre of design you'll receive for each package.


Standard Cover Design

Under our standard package, you'll receive a simple, yet beautiful, design. We'll use stock imagery and photo manipulation to create a custom cover in your genre, and this package is suitable for all genres, non-fiction included! 

Ternion of Tarr - eBook Cover.jpg

Premium Cover Design

Under our premium package, you'll work with an experienced artist to create a high-calibre design. We'll use stock imagery and heavy photo manipulation with multiple layers so the original images are entirely customised and unique to your cover. 

A court of bones.png
The Dream Twisted.png

minimalist Illustration

A minimalist design is a custom illustrated cover that uses simple designs to create your cover. We'll predominantly use silhouettes, basic shapes and colours, and minimal background details. We may use some very small, minimal stock imagery, but illustration will be the main aspect.

Coming Home.png
Suite Enemy.jpg

Vector Illustration

A Vector illustration adds detail, shading, and depth to all your elements along with background detailing. We'll use a mix of illustration techniques and also may use some very small, minimal stock imagery, but detailed illustration will be the main aspect.

Vitani Slayer.jpg
eBook - Ian Taylor.jpg
Pirate Captain Tharkia.png

Digital Painting 

A digital painting cover is entirely unique and personalised. Our artists hand paint every single aspect on a digital canvas. These can include detailed characters, objects, creatures, and scenes where the sky is the limit! 

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