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Any of our packages are available in traditional and digital artwork.


$225 USD

While the bronze package is our most affordable cartography option, you'll still get something super sweet! This level of map is for land-based only and will contain some natural features and several name tags, but overall it is a very simple design, perfect for those on a tighter budget!

13. Commission.jpg


$425 USD

The silver package is our second most affordable cartography option, but it's far from simple! A Silver map gives you a beautiful and modest setting for your world. You can expect to see clearly defined land, plenty of classic natural features (forests, mountains, and lakes) plus some notable buildings and features.

Grimvale (1).jpg


$550 USD

Gold designs really ramp it up! These are more complex and start to bring in more detailed aspects i.e. more intricate mountains and lakes, extra detailing on buildings, plus a range of new styles are available, such treasure, village and mountain court maps.



$699 USD

Platinum designs really showcase beautiful artwork as part of your map. Along with exceptional detailing within the map, you can also get an intricate border, compass rose, and a more detailed background


titanium design

$799 USD

We really start to go all-out with our Titanium maps. These include complex and page-filling detailing plus a wonderful array of buildings and features. Expect to see defined structures and land with an array of illustrated concepts to bring the map to life!



$1,100 USD

Steel level is the best of the best. The sky is the limit! Anything you can think of, we can draw it. Steel maps bring together exquisitely intricate details, adding layers upon layers of illustration with our digital map, or adding multiple illustrations with a traditional style. Every detail is perfection.



Q: How long will a map take?

A: It varies from project to project, but here are our average timescales:
Bronze: 1-2 weeks

Silver: 2-4 weeks
Gold: 3-5 weeks
Platinum: 4-6 weeks
Titanium: 4-6 weeks
Steel: 4-8 weeks

Q: Can my map be posted to me?

Q: Is a licence included in the fee?

Q: Will I receive sketches along the way?

We currently only create digital maps so posting is not possible.

A: Yes, a commercial licence is granted as part of the service. This means you can use your map in books, games, and merchandise. This does not permit you full copyright therefore you cannot sell the map unaltered (i.e. direct prints). If you'd like to discuss copyright, please mention this on your booking form.

A: Yes! We want to make sure your map is perfect, so you will receive sketches at every major design phase. Please note that while sketches are provided for traditional maps, it becomes much more difficult to alter the further along we go, so it's important your ideas are presented clearly to the cartographer.

Q: What do you need from me to create a map?

A: The more information you can provide, the better! Ideally, we'd love a super rough outline of your map, either drawn by hand or using software. Don't worry though, it can be some loose scribbles on a page, we just need it to know the basic shape of your land and location of key elements. We'll also need you to ensure that any names you provide for labels have been thoroughly double checked/proofread, particularly for traditional maps, as once the labels are inked on, there is minimal scope to change them and you will be subject to pay a new map fee if the map is required to be re-done because you misspelled something to us.

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